Van Dijke Products

By integrating the Water Recycling system with the Destoner and Drum Washer, a closed loop washing system is realised. Can be used in conjunction in existing washing systems. Now only a very small amount of fresh water is required to maintain optimum washing conditions. Water savings of up to 90% is possible.

A “Van Dijke” drum washer consists of a solid and simple construction, with a perforated drum shell. The input compartment is supplied with a water inlet, to prevent build up of dirt.

Underneath the drum, a double shaftless auger makes sure that the settled dirt will go to central discharge valves. With this dirt discharge system, a minimum of fresh water consumption will be required.

An adjustable slide at the discharge end of the washing drum, ensures that you can easily adjust the fill factor of the drum.

The machine is available in sizes ranging from 10 – 75 MT/hr. and requires very little maintenance.

Other unique features: Automatic water level control

  •  Adjustable drum speed control
  •  Automatic load control

A” Van Dijke” Destoner will separate lumps, steel, and glass from root produce, like potatoes, carrots, and flower bulbs etc.

The machine is provided with a hopper for removing lump/rocks etc.

Also built in is a settling compartment for sand and soil particles. The sludge will be automatically discharged. There is a product chain conveyor belt and a lump/rock discharge conveyor.

Destoners are available in different sizes, ranging from 15 to 75 MT/hr.

This unit will successfully remove organic material like leaves and other organic debris. Various screen sizes are available. These units are the perfect way to keep your settling basin/tank clean from organic material. It will help to avoid the water to become foul smelling.

This unit is placed behind the drum washer and will remove floating debris like leaves, vines, dry rot, corn stalks etc.

The Felt Dryer will efficiently remove excess moisture from produce.

  • Total stainless-steel construction
  • Easy to replace felt strips
  • Various sizes available

RMA Techniek Products

RMA Techiek is a Dutch company that builds all kinds of automated quality assessment equipment.

For Example

  • Vision Systems
  • Selection Tables
  • Sizers
  • French Fry Sample Cutters
  • Salt Bath
  • Destoners
  • Washers
  • And many types of customer specific built equipment

Camera is more consistent and objective in detecting fry color. It is also time saving.

There are various typed of systems available; Manually operated, semi automatic and fully automatic operated. All systems have instant data display.

Different sizes available; Up to 25 kg. and 25 to 40 kg. These units are top driven, therefore it will not cause water leakage into gear/motor.

These are fully automated and customized lines to suit your application. These can be used for seed potato companies, industrial processors etc.